16 Jun

I’ve got a slow heart and quick feet

I love hard, but I have a tendency to leave

If you’ll follow me – when I count out the steps – you’ll see my right don’t stick quite like my left

And I’m vulnerable and naked

My words get caught in my throat as soon I feel like I can take it on my own

Oh, it’s hard for me to tell



9 Jun

Are you scared of rejection?

Yeah, baby, that’s me too.

But I think we’ve lived too long to be afraid to move.

All you do is stare. Are you looking at me?

Because all I do is dance. Why don’t you come grab me?

Baby you could have me.

Carry On

2 Jun

When I start something quietly, I feel special. When I boast of my new endeavor and it’s personal purpose to find people beginning to follow suit soon thereafter, I feel annoyed. Find your own thing.


25 May

simple present from a continual future
simple past from continual perfect present
simple future from the continual perfect past


18 May

the lord is my shepherd; i shall not want
he maketh me to lie down in green pastures… but
a little sleep,
a little slumber,
a little folding of the hands can take me somewhere i don’t want to be.


11 May

Whether he’d be here within the hour; she’d rather not think about.
Sentences too short to deflower are heard in reverb.
She listens to me redoubt the truth in a roundabout way,
Yet defending him is her own subtle game –
Like negotiating her recompense with her insurance plan. 
It’s her take on staking a claim to him and me.


4 May

We say what we want; when we don’t need anything from one another.
Our prayer lives interdependent with our hands.
Linked are the words of our hearts and the actions of our lips.