Without a Parachute

13 Jul

Black mirror shards littered with literation we’ve emitted into the resonate chambers of our own minds – dark particles of lighthearted remarks; float around our falling bodies.

I reflect on your form diving into the world with no parachute.


A Question of Vanity

6 Jul

Do I value our existence?

Pushing each other out of planes we created of our own imaginings – whole atmospheres made incomplete with our singular occupancy because we inhabit them alone.


30 Jun

Racing to find the perfect adjective for a rebuttal before the ground reaches my face. Do I have regrets? Am I insane?

Is either question dependent upon the other?

The Look

30 Jun

An apopemptic departure from safe havens miles above sea level.

We are falling at an enormous pace.

Then, suddenly, you acknowledge me with a thoughtful smirk.

A transmundane smile.


16 Jun

I’ve got a slow heart and quick feet

I love hard, but I have a tendency to leave

If you’ll follow me – when I count out the steps – you’ll see my right don’t stick quite like my left

And I’m vulnerable and naked

My words get caught in my throat as soon I feel like I can take it on my own

Oh, it’s hard for me to tell



9 Jun

Are you scared of rejection?

Yeah, baby, that’s me too.

But I think we’ve lived too long to be afraid to move.

All you do is stare. Are you looking at me?

Because all I do is dance. Why don’t you come grab me?

Baby you could have me.


Carry On

2 Jun

When I start something quietly, I feel special. When I boast of my new endeavor and it’s personal purpose to find people beginning to follow suit soon thereafter, I feel annoyed. Find your own thing.